1. Andy Warhol shopping in Gristede’s supermarket in New York, 1965.

  3. Vittel Refresh Cap reminds you to drink water every hour (by Bigumigu)

  5. ALERT: I am sharing a “work thing,” but it is downright ADORABLE.

  6. Amy Poehler’s makeup test photos for the
    sketch comedy series Upright Citizens Brigade. This is incredible.

  7. Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App

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  8. Jennifer Lawrence took her best friend to the Oscars


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  10. "6. Despite her control freak-ness, I felt bad for Marnie
    Even though this episode really hits you over the head with a Waterford crystal vase filled with wildflowers how Type A Marnie is, it also made a part of me feel sad for her. Yes, Marnie should take a Klonopin and chill the eff out but her friends — and Elijah’s crew — were being really immature and obliviously unappreciative about the dinner and the weekend in general. She really made a big effort to make the weekend fun and it was a pity that no one sucked up their annoyance and stepped up to defend her at dinner when Elijah was snarking that the meal reminded him of a Lean Cuisine. Did anyone else feel empathy for Marnie?"
  11. The Ragtime Gals: Ignition (Remix)

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  13. shortshorts

  14. BEST OF 2013: WOMEN

    Some seriously bad ass chicks

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  15. nbcparksandrec:

    Eight to twelve players:

    • two wizards
    • a maverick
    • the arbiter
    • two warriors — you can play with just one warrior but it’s way worse
    • a corporal
    • A ledgerman. The ledgerman just keeps score. And he wears this hat

    The goal is to accumulate cones:

    • four cones wins.
    • To get cones you…